"I just wanted to thank you for prompt posting of the book I ordered. It arrived in today's mail (packaged nicely) and I have had a good look through your book. I can't wait to get some ingredients and start making some of the delicious and easy recipes you have put into your book.  


As I have never been a very good cook, I feel these recipes can be achieved in my kitchen!


I like the layout of the book and also the storage suggestions and tips are really helpful. Just as impressive, was the fact you broke some main meals down to stove top and slow cooker.   I hope there will be a book 2 and I will be purchasing another one for my  mother to put away for Christmas this year".  


Kathy from Bli Bli

  • Easy to follow cookbooks
  • Simple, quick recipes
  • Only uses affordable ingredients 
  • Includes lunchbox recipes, salads, basic weeknight meals & decadent desserts
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"Too many times when I open a cookbook, I could grab a handful of recipes I might cook and one or two I would actually cook.  With 'Simple home cook' pretty much every single meal is something I could see myself cooking.  Easy, delicous, affordable & ingredients I don't need to travel to some exotic destination for."  


Ngaire Stirling from 'Brisbane Kids'

Simple recipes

Time saving

Cooking DOESN'T have to be fancy. 
Ordinary ingredients, simple methods and half an hour can produce the best results.